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business strategy

PlayON’s business strategy revolves around three core objectives:

– Create the best possible online sports entertainment experience for current and future sports fans

– Operate responsibly, building trust and raising the profile of Daily Fantasy Sports globally

– Develop long-term partnerships with leading global sporting organisations

brand pillars

PlayON’s brand and operations are built upon three core pillars:

  • Integrity
  • Regulated
  • Professional
  • Accurate
  • Engagement
  • Entertaining
  • Challenging
  • Dynamic
  • Innovation
  • Concept
  • Product
  • Team

regulation and security

Regulation and security are top priorities at PlayON. The company only offers real-money Daily Fantasy Sports games to customers based in regulated territories. This approach removes all regulatory risk for PlayON’s customers, shareholders and corporate partners. PlayON is focused on building a sustainable and responsible company over the long term, and views regulation as a key part of this growth strategy.

In unregulated markets, customers can play Daily Fantasy Sports games for free. Since going live in 2012, the Company has registered customers from over 100 countries.

PlayON's goal is to deliver the ultimate online sports entertainment experience to fans across the world.