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Guaranteed Game

Buy or Win your ticket below. First prize of US$4,000
How to Win
The Formula 1® $20,000 Guaranteed Game takes place in the last race of the season. There are 2 ways to enter - buy a ticket now to guarantee entry or win a ticket in a Qualifier game.

How to Enter

There are 2 ways to enter the US$20,000 Guaranteed Formula 1 Guaranteed Game

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Enter a Qualifer game to win a ticket in the SuperContest
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Be the First to Qualify

- 100 - Places Remaining -


- 2nd Prize -


- 1st Prize -


- 3rd Prize -


  • 4th Prize US$1,600
  • 5th Prize US$1,200
  • 6th Prize US$1,000
  • 7th Prize US$900
  • 8th Prize US$800
  • 9th Prize US$700
  • 10th Prize US$600
  • 11th Prize US$560
  • 12th Prize US$540
  • 13th Prize US$520
  • 14th Prize US$500
  • 15th Prize US$480
  • 16th - 25th Prize US$440